ProfileChip state is a fast-growing high-tech company. The company is committed to providing users with technical solutions and development services, brand agent sales and material cost reduction solutions. It can provide long-term supply of electronic components to reduce costs. The Electronic Materials Division will share the advantages channels established by the marketing department with the original factory and agents in a timely manner to help customers reduce costs and improve product competitiveness. The use of a comprehensive service network to build a strong advantage to introduce customers to the introduction of various types of advanced high-tech electronic components, to assist manufacturers to produce high-quality products and provide comprehensive services.
       With many years of experience in marketing and sales operations of integrated circuits, more than 6,200 companies have served in mainland China, 85% are terminals (factories), and 15% are electronic traders. The company has a large number of stocks in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Foreign direct supply, with the business philosophy of small profits but quick turnover, dedicated to providing customers with fast, quality service.